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How To Sell VR Headset If I Have A Good Brand?

Many of consumer electronics brands come to us with the first question: how do I sell VR Headset If I Have a good brand, but I have no content ?


Don't worry, as a trusted innovator and manufacturer of stand-alone VR headset, we have prepared a one-stop solution for companines who have brands.


What Customers need to do is to focus on their marketing and sales, while we will help them make the VR Headset retail-friendly with fewer support calls.

Except the hardware, we offer:

1# custom VR ROM

2# We have affilicated quite a few VR content platform and we can introduce them to you at a very competititve licensing rate due to the combined quantity discount.


3# I have connections to local VR content provider ? Great, we offer you CMS solution, your team can build up your own platform.

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